A technologist turned screenwriter, Louis Rosenberg is a graduate of UCLA’s Professional Program in Screenwriting as well as a PhD recipient from Stanford University in the fields of robotics and virtual reality. 

Combining these diverse backgrounds, Rosenberg’s film-industry experience began accidentally by inventing a 3D digitizer technology that was used in the creation of major animated films such as Shrek and Ice Age.  Inspired by those working on the story-side, Rosenberg went back to school to study the process, and is now a full-time screenwriter. 

Rosenberg's first feature film screenplay, PAPER TRAIL, was sold to Sidney Kimmel Entertainment. Rosenberg is also the author of three sci-fi graphic novels (UPGRADEEONS, and MONKEY ROOM) as well as the children's book (SEEKING MARLO).

Early film projects include LAB RATS, winner of Best Short Film awards at Moondance, Worldfest, Ventura, SLO and Silicon Valley Film Festivals.  LAB RATS is now a WEB SERIES being produced by Frostbite Pictures for release in 2014. 

Rosenberg's current sci-fi project is called THE ELSEWHERE, an alien story with a wild twist.  Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Rosenberg worked as an inventor and entrepreneur, founding three hi-tech companies: Immersion (Nasdaq: IMMR), Microscribe, and Outland Research, and has been awarded more than 300 patents worldwide.

Rosenberg currently lives in California and is represented as a writer by Paradigm Talent and Zero Gravity Management.  A longtime vegan, he helps his family run a rescue ranch for spent and abused farm-animals.

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